The Finley Family

The Finley Family

Monday, March 29, 2010

My day from HELL!!!

Today has been my day from HELL!! I am not one to say that lightly! I can usually take about anything in stride and not let it bother me but today.....well, that is a different story! To start things off Haylee woke up earlier than usual which on any other day would not make a big difference to me but Mondays are my days off from my morning workouts so I like to sleep in at least a little. So, I was already a little grumpy. Then by 9:30 Haylee had already had TWO accidents. Now I am not talking ooops, I did not make it to the potty in time accidents, NO, I am talking about squat and pee all over the floor kind of accidents! Then, I go in to check on my laundry that I started this morning and guess what.....the machine has stopped working!! I am pretty sure the pump is toast! So I have a washing machine full of laundry and dirty water. Next I find Kaleb with milk ALL over him. Did he spill it on himself.....of course not Haylee decided to dump milk all over Kaleb and the coffee table and then smear it all around! Oh, and have ANOTHER accident. So here I am thinking my day can only get better right......WRONG! I decide that in order to get us all out of the house we will go and get lunch so I get Haylee all excited to go to Sonic for lunch. We get dressed (sort of) and we get ready to walk out of the house. Oh, keys are locked in the car and Lee accidentally took the extra set to work! So not only has my day just gotten worse but we are now stuck in the house ALL day! Which of course has to be on Gymnastics day which means Haylee now has to miss gymnastics! So, I still try and at least save lunch by calling the pizza place in town only to be reminded that they are closed on Mondays for lunch. Well,good thing that nap time came because I was about to loose my mind! Luckily the rest of the day has not gotten any worse......of course it has not gotten any better either but I will take it not getting worse!! Here is hoping that tomorrow is 100% better than today!

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  1. Wow - sista, you've got it bad. You are scaring me away from parenthood.

    Lol !!

    Just think it's your anniversary soon and then time to go to Mexico.

    Cheer up CHarlie!

    Love you!