The Finley Family

The Finley Family

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kaleb is 1

Today my little boy turned one, I can not believe how fast this past year has gone! It seems like only yesterday that we were at the hospital welcoming him to the world :) He has become such a little person with all his personality, I love watching him grow and learn each and every day! Some of his newest accomplishments have been blowing kisses and shaking his head "no" (although, I am not sure it actually has a meaning yet). He is still not quite walking on his own, but we expect him to just get up and go one of these days! He has all the skill to do it, he just has to decide that he is ready. We are excited to celebrate his birthday tomorrow with some of our family and friends and we want ALL of you to know that we appreciate all you have done for us and for our children! We love you very much! And to my sweet baby boy...Mama loves you now and forever!!!

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